Katie Rivera

It’s Katie Rivera’s second year as Director of the Congregational Christian Preschool. She loves whole-heartedly serving the children and their families who attend the school and promoting God’s way of living life to it’s fullest at every age.

Katie previously worked with young children and their families through the River Delta Unified School District’s Special Education Department for 15 years before retiring. She is a trained Early Childhood Education Specialist and Multiple Subjects Teacher. Katie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from UC Davis and a Masters degree in Special Education from CSU Sacramento.
Congregational Christian Preschool

Kathey Chellsen

Kathey Chellsen was born and raised in Minnesota. 33 years ago, Kathey and her husband David moved to California, where they raised and homeschooled their 8 children over the past 21 years.

Kathey believes that learning is a lifetime process. She has a passion for education and instilling a sense of wonder, love and excitement for learning into children. Kathey enjoys spending time with people, whether it be teaching Bible studies, serving in her church and community or having a deep conversation over coffee. She is excited about this new adventure of exploring God’s amazing love and the world He created with the children she will be teaching.
Congregational Christian Preschool

Laura Larski

Laura Larski began her preschool career over 20 years ago in the Bay area. She moved to Trilogy with her husband in 2005 and after one year of retirement, began serving in the 3 year old classroom at the Congregational Christian Preschool.

Laura strives to establish a fun and loving environment for her young students. She enjoys working with them on cooking projects; all those little hugs are icing on the cake!
Congregational Christian Preschool

Savanna Taylor

Savanna Taylor has lived in Rio Vista since 2012. She received her Associates degree in Early Childhood Education from Merritt College and a Special Education Certificate from the College of Alameda.

Savanna feels that helping just one student is worth being a teacher. She likes seeing what an awesome affect her teaching has on the children in her care. Savanna enjoys encouraging the preschoolers to learn while having fun and knows that they will learn to follow directions just by having a daily, set routine. Another reason that Savanna became a teacher was to contribute to the community in a meaningful way; she does this by helping all children learn, showing them love through her teaching.
Congregational Christian Preschool